Energising Danone at Silverstone

  • 1 day for the board to communicate with their full team on Day 1
  • Get to know each other/connection.
  • Share vision and values of Danone’s future, bringing alive their B Corp accreditation and energising teams to understand that each of us can play a role in it.  Bringing it to life in a culture that makes
    Danone special.
  • Engage people, build on energy and passion for future; celebrate areas of pride and give their teams the kudos, no matter what their role.
  • 1.5 days for around 1,000 people including conference with multiple rooms/themes engaging content, overnight stay in multiple hotels after the dinner and party with travel to the hotels included.
  • Day 2 being functional breakout areas and snacks of cookies to help post party.

1.5-day Conference to include plenary and multiple individually themed rooms coordinated by synchronised groups, Awards, Dinner and celebratory dance afterwards, overnight accommodation including coordinated travel to 8 individual hotels and locations.

We created tables of people who had not necessarily met before to continue to get to know each other.  The cookies went down a treat the following morning and there were also breakfast rolls to further help the teams to focus on their final time together.


“It was very reassuring to have that ‘one team’ approach – that was manifested in all we did!”

“We had a whale of a time with you guys, and we know the feedback is really great from the various employee experiences.”

“Thank you for all your support…and your wider team, for our (2 day) conference.”